State Of The Art Equipment

B Allan Graphics in Alsip, IL, has the equipment to process print graphics of any type at each stage of production—pre-press, press, and finishing. We strive to maintain a balance between taking advantage of the latest technology and remaining true to what we know works to create high-quality print products.


Canon V800

B Allan Graphics

Duplo- Digital Cutting, Slitting, Scoring

B Allan Graphics

Installation of a New Multi-color Commercial 31" Press


StitchLinear 5500

Exceptional Miniature Folding

Specifically designed to handle lightweight stock for pharmaceutical and miniature leaflet folding- we guarantee professional miniature folding services. We are your top choice for miniature and pharmaceutical folding in the Greater Chicago area.

B Allan Graphics

Pre-Press Services

Our Production Facility uses Heidelberg 8Up computer to plate technology, or CTP, a modern technique used in the printing process to output a computer image directly to a printing plate, it skips the entire film step in older computers to film technology, saving time and money. Plates are made from aluminum and once the plate has the image on it, they are put directly on press and are chemically free pressed onto press.

B Allan Graphics supports both Macintosh and PC file formats so that you can submit photos and graphics to us from any program or digital venue. Our pre-press services also include creating and/or editing images in Adobe Creative Suite, using the program that is most suitable for that particular print product: In-Design, Photoshop, or Illustrator. We have several software capabilities, including QuarkXPress, PDF, Pit Stop and a XITRON WorkFlow.

An Epson Sure Color P7000 wide format proofing and printing model, capable of printing anything from color proofs to banners. With digital laser output proofing, we can print in color or black and white. Flat-bed scanning is also available to create digital copies of files, only if they are in a printed format.

B Allan Graphics

Press Equipment

For the press stage of production, we provide Canon digital imaging services and use a variety of equipment to get our clients the results they need. For small format sheets and envelope we use the Heidelberg Print Master and can also offer 10” x15” Heidelberg letterpress for die-cutting. Our commercial print equipment uses different sheet sizes, up to:

  • 4/C - 23.75" x 31" Sheet Size
  • 4/C - 23" x 29" Perfector Sheet Size
  • 1/C - 25" x 36" Sheet Size


Finally, the finishing stage of production is made possible by a wide variety of equipment and supplies made for professional cutting, miniature folding, shrink wrapping, and more. We use programmable 30” and 52” cutters, 2 20 pocket collator, stitcher, and trimmers, and a 3-hole drill as well as folding from 26” 8 pages to 40” 16 pages. For those special needs, the miniature fold that will finish to 1”.

Check the above video to see it in action!